about us

Our History

Panaidis optical stores operate for more than three decades, having now 11 modern stores in 5 major shopping areas of Athens and 1 in the island of Lemnos.

The story of the business began in 1977 when Panagiotis Panaidis, opened the first store in Maroussi. In 1982, he opens the second store in the same area. Within a few years, in 1986, the company launches its third store in the area of Chalandri, on the main road A.Papandreou.

Another selling point is added in 1991, in a privately owned building in the rapidly growing area of Melissia.

That same year, the first store of the company moved into a privately owned building in the central market of Maroussi, which even today houses the company’s headquarters.

The company, in 1993, expands its business outside of Athens, by creating a new store on the island of Lemnos.

Following an ongoing trend, in 1999, Panaidis innovates and launches the first store in Athens, exclusively for Sunglasses. In the same year, the store of Lemnos moves to the central square of the island, Myrina.

In 2004, the Melissia branch expands and now is housed in a modern space, total area of 150 m2.

2009 was the focal point of the years about the growth of the company with the opening of two ultramodern branches in Kifissia and Kolonaki, commercial points of the highest importance. On these specific stores even the Greek public has the opportunity to try sunglasses and eyewear collections from special designers from all over the world, having exclusively Panaidis stores.

Moreover, the company, in the context of renewal of its image and adaptation to modern standards of the market, is renamed by optical PANAIDIS in Panaidis Eyewear Boutique, highlighting the quality and singularity of its products.

In 2010 the renovation of the store in Chalandri takes place and meets the need of constant evolution. The renovated store is equipped with high end machines for optometry, visual testing and contact lenses.

In 2013, one more store opens in the heart of Chalandri in Chaimanda Street oriented in fashion for young people.

2014, another important year for the company, as two new branches open the doors in Glyfada and in Psychiko.

These stores have the philosophy of the company and they provide a high level of service, the most famous brands of the market & exclusive collaborations.

The first half of 2016 opens the new store of the company in the area of Pefki, wlile the second half takes place the expansion of store in Kifissia and now is set in a modern space, total area of 220 m2.